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Floral Bullet Journal

Type: Journal
SKU: 5810
Here is a journal for the spiral bullet journal aficionado.          Heavy paper stock + dot grid + no bleeding and no feathering.       
  • Dimensions: 

    • 16.2 x 21.5 cm ( 7.5 x 8.5 in) 

  • 🍭 Elegantly adorned golden wire binding
  • 💝 Beautifully designed, brightly coloured covers
  • 📝 Suitable for school, office, home office and travel
  • 🍍160 pages of smooth, heavy 120gsm white paper
  • 🧁 5mm dot grid
  • 💝 Lays perfectly flat for easy writing

Available in 5 different designs.

If you like floral prints, but aren't a fan of the spiral bullet journal, check out Polka Florals Dotted Bullet Journal.

If you like floral prints, but aren't a fan of the spiral bullet journal, check out Polka Florals Dotted Bullet Journal.
The beautiful and elegant design is bound to appease even the pickiest writers. The journal has a couple fo different colors available that can satisfy everyone, whether you prefer a darker of lighter cover.
The gorgeous cover has a timeless feel to it, so that it makes it perfect for people of all ages.
The spiral is an unique feature of this journal. That way it is easier to flip and it makes it perfect for writing notes in unexpected places and while travelling. Also it is perfect for students and young people that want to journal on the go.
The Floral Bullet Journal has more than enough pages to keep you busy for a long time. So that you can journal whenever your heart desires and at any time and place.
This journal is not only perfect for writing dow your thoughts, but it is great for drawing and showing of your artistic abilities. The amazing quality of the paper makes sure that there is no bleeding through the page, so that you can draw whatever you want without needing to worry for the back.
The dotted grid enables you to whatever layout and design you see fit for your needs.

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