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The man that traveled the world with his journal

The man that traveled the world with his journal

The man that traveled the world with his journal

Journaling is outdated and something closer to Medieval times than to 2020? Absolutely not! The story of a Helsinki artist Eero is the proof for that. For his 40 years Eero traveled and his best travelling companion was his small size journal. The travelers notebook was always by his side, wherever he went. Through the years he had many many adventures, but it doesn’t matter if he was on a Trans-Siberian railway trip, riding with a horse from Helsinki to Turku, building a horse stable in New Zealand or riding a horse in the Bronx, the small black journal was always nearby. 

Eero shares many stories from his fascinating travels. One of his proudest achievements is the making of the Te Uru Shelter for horses. Horses are great passion for him and his adventures on horseback compose a large part of his notes. He is a good proof for the idea that recording your achievements helps you reflect on them and enables you to look back at and relieve them. Paper makes the difference... 

His travelled sized journal proved to be perfect for Eero’s many travels. Not only was journaling a fun way to remember his experiences and adventures, but it was a wonderful way to pass the time (adventures have a boring part, too). During his many travels he spent a great amount of time in the train with nothing to fill his day. Such was the occasion during one of his most memorable adventures - a Trans-Siberian railway trip.


Eеro’s passion for journaling has been long in the making. He has been an avid writer in his journal for at least the last 5 years and writing has been a huge part of his life for even longer. As well as an interest in journaling Eеro has expressed a passion for horses, art and travelling. 

Through the years he has filled numerous travelers notebook, but he always comes back to his favourite travelled sized black Victoria’s journal notebook. It is always by his side to record his memories and thoughts whatever they are, it doesn’t matter if he is travelling to the other end of the world by train or riding a horse in the Bronx. Writing on paper always helps him :) 

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