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Journaling tips for beginners

Journaling tips for beginners

Journaling tips for beginners

As every new activity you may pick up, journaling has its own “spirit” and its own rules you need to know about (if not follow them blindly) in order to get 100% satisfaction from it. At first you may be struggling to get used to the process or not have any idea where to start from (sounds better and better… please continue to the end 😀)! As you will soon find out, bullet journaling may seem quite intimidating, however at its core it’s relatively straightforward and simple. That is why in this article we have gathered our bullet journal tips for beginners, to hopefully help guide you.

Start small 

Whenever we start a new activity there is always a learning curve and we can’t expect to be a pro at the very beginning. Start small and build on your journaling skills and in no time you will get used to the proces. That being said with bullet journaling the sky's the limit and there all kinds of gorgeous spreads you can do even if you are inexperienced. You will be surprised how many of the cute designs you see online are totally achievable and not that hard to do on your own. 

You don’t need to be an artist to have a bullet journal 

This is a common misconception that stops many people from starting a bullet journal, but you should not let the fear prevent you from trying it out. Obviously it is true that artistic skills help you make some of the elaborate spreads you see online. However at the end of the day you need to create what works for you. Most trackers and spreads used for organizing aren’t actually that hard to replicate. They mostly use simple shapes, columns and bright colors that are hardly unapproachable. You should never compare your work to others, if it works for you, it helps you and makes you happy - that is more than enough! 

Try different techniques to see what works for you 

When you are first starting out you usually listen to a lot of advice. Some of it will work for you, most won’t... That is why it is so important to try new techniques. Another important thing is not to get discouraged if a technique doesn’t work for you. You should simply move forward and try something else. I can guarantee you that there are far more ways to journal than you can imagine. 


Don’t strive for perfection (but if you do, use a pencil first)

Our view is that perfection is unachievable and it should never be something you strive for. We all make mistakes and that is a normal part of every process. That being said, if your mistakes really aggravate you and suck the fun out of journaling, you may want to try sketching with a pencil first. That way you can erase anything you don’t like.

Remember journaling should be fun 

Last, but not least, always remember that journaling should be fun and suit your needs. The most important thing is that you like what you are doing, other people’s opinions aren’t important. If a certain way of journaling works for you, that is great, but if it doesn't, move on and see what makes you happy. There are no actual rules, just have fun. 


Hopefully these tips helped you feel a little less overwhelmed. Journaling is definitely worth pursuing, so don’t let yourself get easily discouraged. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the process that way you are sure to succeed. We hope that this bullet journal tips for beginners helped you. Enjoy writing! 


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