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How to start journaling

How to start journaling

How to start journaling

Journaling has become quite popular in recent years and there is a good reason for that! Pretty much everyone can find the benefits of journaling, whatever one's goals are. However, like with every other new activity, at first you might not know how to start a bullet journal and that is why we are here… :)

  • Pick a purpose

Whenever starting something new, you may want to sort out first, what you want to achieve with it. Of course the purpose and your expectations can change at any time, but at the beginning it is useful to have a basic idea of what you want. Mostly because your journal would reflect the changes in your mind. 

This may also influence what type of journaling you will be doing… What do we mean with this? For example, If you love drawing and doodling the bullet journal is for you. If you prefer writing, you might want to try out a diary or a lined journal. If you mostly want to try your hand in scheduling, a planner will be best. So, as we said, there is a difference...

  • Consider portability 

Another thing to consider is whether you want to use it mostly at home or outside. If you want to have your journal with you at any time, you might consider a more portable option as a travel journal or one with a softcover. If you use it mostly at home, you can get one with a fancy hardcover and many pages!


  • Find inspiration 

At first you might find it hard to stay consistent and often be out of ideas. There is no need to worry :). There are more than enough resources online and soon you’ll have more ideas than you can imagine by yourself in lifetime... Especially while you are new to bullet journaling you might find it useful to see how certain spreads are done. They might seem complicated, but when broken down, they are quite attainable.

  • Consider what layout you want 

There are so many different spreads you can do... There are endless possibilities. Depending on the purpose of your journal, you might find some more useful than others. In general a monthly spread is always a good idea, because it is a great way to structure your month. Those spreads enable as much decoration as you want. It is quite simple to do, yet looks gorgeous. If you are keen on organizing you can do a daily or weekly spread. However if you mostly want to draw, you can do more complicated designs and layouts or some cute quote’s pages.

If you just want to have fun try a movie tracker, playlist or a birthday tracker! We also recommend trying out a mood tracker, it let’s you be as creative as you want and also can be quite useful. If you prefer writing, you can always do the traditional diary entry style, but there are also fun challenges as “Write a sentence a day” that might help you stay consistent. 

  • Start journaling

After all, the main step towards learning how to journal is to start writing. Don’t worry about mistakes, don’t strive for perfection. Just do what feels good and have fun. At the end of the day your journal is there to help you. As long as you are having fun, nothing else matters. 

Everyone can benefit from journaling and there is no better time to start than now. There are so many different functions and everyone can find something useful! There is no right way to journal, you just have to have fun and do what helps you. However if you have any other questions about how to start a bullet journal you can check out our article “Journaling tips for beginners”.

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