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How to do a quote journal

How to do a quote journal

How to do a quote journal

Many of us have a favourite quote that has stuck with us throughout our life. Some quotes have a tendency to resonate deeply with our inner thoughts or offer us something to hold onto when we need it... Quotes can actually be a very accurate representation of our life and experiences. This is why now I am going to help answer the question why and how to do a quote journal.

Why should you start a quotes journal?

Many people find comfort in quotes or they use them as a way to express emotions that they can’t explain on their own. Quotes are everywhere around us. Some resonate with us, some may have a deep impact on us at the moment, but we forget them the next day. That is why a quote journal can be such a great idea. It acts as a time capsule of sorts and it enables you to see what you were thinking at the time. 

Self-reflection and self-expression 

Sometimes a quote or a song lyrics capture perfectly what we are thinking… So by writing them down it is a great way to record your experiences. Imagine years in the future to find an old notebook of yours and flip through the quotes and lyrics you loved at the time. 

How to start a quote journal?

Like every other type of journal, the start is always the most intimidating part. As far as what type of notebook you would need, practically everything will do. If you want more decoration, doodles and drawing to make your quotes prettier, you might prefer a bullet journal. That way you have more creative freedom. And if you want to go all out, you should try using a sketchbook. However, if you enjoy writing more, a lined journal will be the best way to practise your calligraphy skills.

What quotes should you use?

Obviously what quotes you use is entirely up to you. They can be motivational quotes to keep you going. Lyrics from your favourite song. Sayings that you deeply relate to or just funny quotes that put a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you like it. 



And here comes the best part - the decoration! You can decorate every quote page however you like. You can pick a theme for the entire journal or for the month or you can decorate every page in a completely different and unique way. You can also play around with calligraphy or hand lettering to make your quotes stand out. 

Journaling is a great way to express yourself and record your experiences. Hopefully this article gave you an idea on how to do a quote journal, so that you try it out for yourself. The quotes journal is a great way to record your thoughts and emotions. If you love writing, you can also check out our article “How to start a diary”.

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