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Gift ideas for teen girls

Gift ideas for teen girls

Gift ideas for teen girls

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift can be quite unnerving, but is always worth it. Why? Because you always want to pick a great present in order to make your loved ones happy. Sounds very simple but we both know in reality it is not... To be a teenager nowadays is a very unique experience… Digital technologies and the information coming from the internet are making a huge difference. Almost every teenager starts to look for his space in this vast world from a very young age. And all of them are unique :) So, when faced with the task to find a gift for a teen girl, you might have no idea where to start. That is why we decided to make this list of gift ideas for teen girls to hopefully help you at your quest for the perfect Christmas gift. 

1. Diary with a lock

Keeping a diary has countless benefits and it can be helpful for people of all ages. However, especially in such turbulent times as the teen years, when they are trying to figure themselves out, having a safe space to express themselves can prove to be priceless. Writing down their experiences and emotions can help them self-reflect and make it easier for them to work through their problems and find answers and solutions. 

2. Planner

In retrospect the teenage years may seem as a piece of cake, but the reality is far from it. They can be very busy, especially when nearing the end of them and they may be very stressful, because of the changes the teens go through. Staying on top of all your work can prove difficult, when you are balancing all of your school assignments and trying to spend enough quality time with your friends and family. That is why a planner can be so helpful, it helps you stay organized and productive!

3. Bullet journal 

Bullet journaling is a great alternative to the classic lined journal. The dotted pages give free space and the ability to decorate it as you see fit. You are free to do whatever layout your heart desires and suits your needs. Especially for more artistic teens bullet journaling can be a great creative outlet and a fun way to express themselves!

4. Travel journal

This year might not have given us a lot of opportunities for travelling, but there is always more time in the future. All teenagers want to travel, quite honestly most people do. However the teen years are the ones we dream the hardest and when our goals are endless. That is why a travel journal is a perfect gift, especially for older teens that are starting to travel by themselves for the first time.  

5. Sketchbook

A sketchbook is a great option for a present especially for a more artistically inclined teen. 

The teenage years are a time of trial and error, they try new things, experiment, see what works for them and learn from their mistakes. The same goes with drawing and every other form of art. To get better you just have to draw...So, a sketchbook is the perfect place to build up your knowledge.

Hopefully this list of gift ideas for teen girls will give you some ideas and the choosing process will be less intimidating :)  However if you are still unsure what to pick a simple but beautiful journal is always a great option, because it can always be put into good use. Writing down your plans and experiences can be extremely helpful. 

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