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Gift ideas for moms

Gift ideas for moms

Gift ideas for moms

Picking the perfect gift for your mother can be quite challenging... Most of the moms don’t even want a gift from their kids (yeah, we know it’s annoying). Buying Christmas gifts is stressful, but at the end of the day we all want to see the smile on our loved ones faces! That is why we have decided to make a list of great gift ideas for your mom that are gorgeous, yet practical. No matter what your mother’s interests are, hopefully these gifts will please all types of people (or to be more precise “all types of moms” - we know there is a huge difference)! :)

1. Recipe Book

If you are looking for a practical gift for your mother, look no further. Especially if your mom loves cooking, that is a perfect present! Gathering all her favorite recipes will not only enable her to find them that much quicker, but sharing family recipes is always an unique and fun experience. All the sections that the recipe book has, makes it easy to keep track of everything and cook your favorite dishes. 

2. Planner 

The planner is a classic gift idea and it never gets old! :) Another very practical present that can help your mother stay organized. When life gets busy, it’s often hard to keep track of all your responsibilities... Here is where the planner comes in. The planners have built in calendars that make staying organized even easier. There is also plenty of extra space, where she can schedule her activities in order to stay on top of all her work. 

3. Vintage Journal 

If your mother is really into aesthetic things you should really check out our vintage journals. This journal is really a sight to behold. The gorgeous hard cover with beautiful wooden carving and stunning golden pages can brighten everyone’s day... This journal is also perfect if your mother likes writing and recording her day by hand.

4. Bullet journal 

Bullet journaling combines the usual benefits of journaling such as better organization and productivity, but it also puts an artistic twist to it. A dotted journal enables you to have free reign to what layout you choose. It can be a simple table or an elaborate spread to show off your painting skills. With bullet journaling the sky's the limit... Journaling is a great creative outlet. In our daily life we often don’t get the opportunity to use our artistic skills, so bullet journaling is the perfect way to express ourselves and put some art into our daily lives.


5. Boxed journal 

What about boxed journals? Well, we couldn’t contain ourselves and yes, we know this is our new journal but we simply love it... The diaries themselves are gorgeous and the cute box gives them an even classier look. Not to mention that the box makes the need of wrapping the gift nonexistent. A diary is always a great gift idea, especially if your mother loves writing. Recording your experiences can have many benefits for your mental health! It can also be great fun (do not underestimate your mom - she’s a breathing person, too). 

Picking the perfect Christmas gift can be a daunting experience, but hopefully this gift ideas for your mom gave you a few useful ideas that can make the choosing process easier. If in doubt a simple journal is always a great option, because no matter what interest a person has, а notebook can always be put into a good use. ;)

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