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How to boost your productivity using a bullet journal?

How to boost your productivity using a bullet journal?

How to boost your productivity using a bullet journal?

Among the many benefits of bullet journaling is the fact that it boosts your productivity and helps you stay motivated. Life tends to be so hectic these days, it is hard to stay organized and it is even harder to remember all your tasks. In your journal you are free to do whatever design suits your needs and personalise everything to get the most out of it! So we are here to answer the question how to stay productive.  

Helps you to plan ahead

Planning far ahead makes you more motivated and ultimately makes you more excited for the goal. Bullet journaling enables you to do all kinds of spreads and plan as much far ahead as you would like to. Setting long term goals for yourself helps you sort out what you need to do in order to achieve a certain dream. Not to mention that by breaking the big goal into small manageable steps makes it far easier to fulfill than a vague idea that you have in your head. 

Motivates you to get stuff done

When you write down your goals you are far more likely to achieve them. You are not sure? Well, it depends but generally this works. Putting pen to paper solidifies the idea and helps you stay more motivated. Not only is it a constant reminder, but it is greatly satisfying to end the task, when you are finally able to mark it completed. We’re sure you will feel it if you decide to try it!

Tracking your goals

A bullet journal or a planner enables you to do all sorts of trackers and set goals however you choose fit. Some people like to put vague and slightly far fetched dreams in order to keep them motivated. Others prefer to set small and manageable goals through the weeks in order to break down all of their work in small achievable tasks. Whatever you prefer, written goals make it easy for you to track down your process and see how far you have come. 


Helps you manage time 

Sometimes we may all feel as if there are not enough hours in the day, but a tight schedule will help you better organize your time and therefore hopefully find more opportunities for resting. Managing time and keeping track of your schedule is the exact purpose of a planner. You can do all kinds of spreads to help you stay on top of all your tasks - daily, weekly, yearly or various trackers. A written schedule makes it a bit harder for you to endlessly procrastinate, because you’ll have a goal you are trying to stick to. Of course you may not be able to fulfill 100% of your goals, but it is a nice start. 

A great way to record and reflect

Journaling is a great way to record your experiences, dreams and goals through the years. This is not only a cute way to look back years later and remember what you were up to at the time, but it is also a great way to reflect. In the context of setting goals, journaling is a great way to discover what works for you and what doesn’t. Some distance usually makes it much easier for you to problem solve. 

Putting pen to paper and starting to plan how you will achieve a certain goal of yours, makes you much more likely to actually fulfil it. Not only will you have created a thought out plan, but by using a tracker you have created an easy way to keep yourself accountable. Planning how to achieve a goal is the first step in actually fulfilling it. Hopefully we helped you answer the question how to stay productive. Enjoy writing!

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